Equipment - Stoves and gas canisters

In our selection of gas stoves, we have selected the brand Jetboil and Optimus, high performance compact stoves. The Jetboil stoves are stoves with cooking cup, the Jetboil Zip (0,8 L), Minimo or Flash (1 L) or Sumo (1,8 L) allow to heat water rapidly for your freeze-dried food, your hot drink. You can also heat in a bain-marie your ready-made meal in pouch. The Optimus stoves are compact gas or multifuel stoves (fuel, oil, gasoline, kerosene, unleaded gasoline) that can be carried easily thanks to their lightweight.

Gas canisters are canisters adapted to the different Jetboil and Optimus (except multifuel stoves), stoves are designed for your outdoor outings whether it is for one day or a longer expedition.

We have also Accessories that allow to improve the use of your stove or spare parts in case of failure.