Dietary stock - 5-year, 7-year, 15-year, 25-year shelf life

All these products are designed for preparing you in case of crisis, shortage or meteorological event.

Then you can prepare your dietary stock with these freeze-dried bags or tins. They can be preserved from 5 years for bags to 15-25 years for tins. A substantial shelf life which allows to avoid rolling stock.

Moreover, these products are light and easy to handle. For preparing them, you just have to add water, hot in preference according to products, to stir well, to wait and eat.

We have created ourselves our Mountain House packs, with a 25-year conservation, with survival and comfort packs. The difference between these two packs is the number of meals by day: 1 meal for the survival pack (500 kcal by day) and 2 for comfort pack (1000 kcal by day).