Gas canisters & Fuel

Gas canisters for Jetboil y Optimus stoves are international gas canisters (with threaded valve, EN417) that we can find everywhere in the World. Camping Gaz canisters are not compatible with Jetboil and Optimus stoves.

These are canisters that you screw down gas stoves. So that means there is no danger of leak. Canisters can be easily screwed and unscrewed, really useful when hiking or sailing.

Jetboil and Optimus canisters consist of: Isobutane and Propane fuel mix for Jetboil and Butane/Propane mixture for Optimus. The difference is that canisters with isobutane are four seasons’ canisters; they work efficiently below 0°C. But to optimize power, with cold weather, these canisters have to be associated with a Jetboil stove, because only Jetboil has an integrated stove and optimized cooking system.