Gas Stoves

The Jetboil stoves are gas stoves that combine burner and cooking cup.. The Flash, Zip, Minimo and Sumo Jetboil are stoves with better performances than those of traditional stoves. They match in harsh conditions with strong winds, low temperature… The FluxRing system, integrated to these Jetboil, allows cooking more rapidly and using half less fuel. About 2,30” minutes to boil water. They can be used, when camping, hiking or sailing…

These gas stoves are compact, that come together and you can put them easily in your rucksack, you can even put a gas canister inside of the cooking pot (except in the Zip Jetboil of 0,8 L). Jetboil stoves are also equipped with a neoprene cozy to keep the contents warm and to avoid getting burnt. Moreover, they are stable thanks to the fuel canister stabilizer included with all the stoves (Gas canisters are not included). To use them you have just to screw the burner on a gas canister and then connect the cooking system above the burner.

The different Jetboils have a different capacity: Zip Jetboil 0,8 L (345g), Flash Jetboil 1 L (400g), Minimo Jetboil 1 L (415g), Sumo Jetboil 1,8 L (480g, from 2 to 4 people). The difference between Flash and Minimo is the width of the stove. The Minimo is wider and allows preparing more easily your food.

You can with these stoves prepare water for your freeze-dried food, your warm drink such as coffee, tea, put in a bain-marie sterilised meal cooked by our caterer (only the Zip is smaller for this kind of use), to cook pastas…

They match with all gas canisters with EN417 thread valve (Jetpower and Optimus) spread throughout the world. With Jetboil stoves, it will be easier to travel!