Turnkey Packs "Nutrition for your race stages in the desert"

Our range of Packs for Marathon in the Desert, prepared by our team with our expertise for 2012, is growing. You might always find our packs, with one for vegetarian people, to be in complete food self-sufficiency for 7 days with freeze-dried meals (breakfasts, meals, desserts, cold starters) with or without our best of energy bars. For these packs, do not forget to add energy and recovery drinks, gels, or other snacks that you want to eat before, during or after the exercise.

However, new and complete packs for the Marathon in the desert are also available with even more varieties. First of all, we have created a pack with the help of the five-time winner of the famous self-sufficiency race in the desert, Rachid El Morabity, made up of freeze-dried recipes, bars, energy drinks, dried fruits, dry meat for before, during and after exercise.

Also, you can choose your pack with freeze-dried meals prepared in partnership with Sports Nutrition experts, Effinov Nutrition and MelTonic. These packs consist of an important variety of freeze-dried meals, but also bars, snacks, energy and recovery drinks, and even cares (Light legs gel, Anti-rubbing foot cream, Circulation spray) for the MelTonic’s pack.

These packs are packed per day in zipper pouch. You can also modify your pack, for that you might contact us: team@lyophilise.com noting any of your specific desires.

You can see or print details of each pack in PDF, with the different energy intakes and weights, in each product sheets or below: