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7 Days Food Package

Ref : KA-11-05
Best before 02/2021 - A 5-year shelf-life kit including breakfasts, freeze-dried meals, bars, and emergency compact rations to be self-sufficient for 1 week.
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This long lasting food kit offered by ´Emergency Food´ of ´Katadyn´ is a special outdoor and survival kit in order to have some food supplies for 7 days.
The tin contains 10,642 Kcal, that is 1,520 Kcal per day, for a 5-year shelf life.
The products inside the tin are energy bars, an emergency compact ration, breakfasts, and freeze-dried meals :

- 1 x BP-5
- 7 x Orifo, energy bars
- 1 x Mushroom sauté by ´Trek´n Eat´
- 1 x Potato casserole with onions
- 1 x Salmon pesto with pasta
- 1 x Hungarian-style beef with pasta
- 1 x Pasta with soya bolognese
- 1 x Creamy pasta with chicken and spinach
- 1 x Chickpea curry with rice, Chana Masala
- 3 x Swiss muesli with milk
- 2 x Whole grain fruit muesli

The whole kit is delivered in a waterproof stackable bucket, easy to store and carry since its weight is only 3.4 Kg with dimensions 29 x 24 x21 cm.
This is the perfect product to store and be in food self-sufficiency almost completely, since this bucket only needs water to prepare breakfasts and freeze-dried meals.
How to prepare Add boiling water as asked on the pouch, wait for 8 - 10 minutes, it's ready!
The BP-5 can be eaten, without any preparation needed.
Net weight (g) 3400
Shelf life (from manufacturing date) 5 years
Allergens Information not available
Shelf Life 02/2023
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